marketing icon Event One Stop Shop With your Swell license you can create up to FIVE websites for your events and campaigns. (Don't worry, the website templates are easy to use and editable.) This is where you sell tickets, tables and sponsorships, accept donations, add pictures, make it your own and more! YES, you get all of that.
marketing icon Ticketing With a Twist Create and sell multiple tickets/ticket types through your site.. and the twist? We turn guests into FUNDRAISERS by automatically creating Personal Fundraising Pages! Boom. Go ahead and link it to your Facebook profile picture, too.
marketing icon Peer-to-Peer Starts Here Think you're just buying a ticket to another event? Think again! Buy a ticket and automatically receive your very own Personal Fundraising Page to start the party early. Share this page to spread awareness, invite friends to join you and donate! Don't wait 'til the party starts to start fundraising.
marketing icon Competitive Fundraising A little competition never hurt anyone, right? Increase your donations and spark a movement by taking advantage of our Leaderboards on the website and in real time. See who can take home the title of "Top Fundraiser", "Most Social", and "Top Team/Table".
marketing icon It's Go Time Apps What time is it? It's Go Time and you have a lot to worry about.. except guest check-in and on-site ticket sales and donations. That's right, our mobile apps handle it ALL for YOU. Oh, and did we mention that guests can share and pledge directly from their phone during the event? The website is completely mobile optimized, making peer-to-peer fundraising and donating easier than ever. Make a pledge and watch your name appear on the Big Screen.
marketing icon Big Screen, Big Results Take your event to the next level with our "Swell-a-Vision" app. Social Media pictures and posts are purposefully displayed in an eye catching, interactive "live" broadcast that your guests won't soon forget. The Fundraising Total, Leaderboards and Customizable posts will award you "Coolest Party in Town".
marketing icon Software Sidekick Every good superhero should have a sidekick. You may not need them 24 hours a day, but you know they're always there to have your back... that's us. Our support team will welcome you to the software with a quick and painless "get-started call". We treat every fundraising event as our own because your success = our success. Now go on and save the world, one fundraising event at a time.
marketing icon Success HQ Control every aspect of your event from our user friendly dashboard. Here you can personalize your fundraising sites, download data, view and edit tables, teams and fundraisers. From the dashboard you also have exclusive access to our Help Desk which is loaded with information, event resources, and a channel to submit a question directly to our support team (Software Sidekicks)! We don't want to speculate, but you're going to love it.
marketing icon Got Friends? Social media is a must these days, which is why we've integrated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts into your events! Social activity is visible everywhere: online and on-screen. Be sure to encourage selfies during the event or even connect to your photo booth (Have fun with it!). Posts with the event hashtag will show up on the big screen! #15MinutesofFame
marketing icon Easy Giving With all of our easy giving options, your guests will have no excuses. Trying to earn points on your credit card? Perfect. Swipe your card using the IPad app, donate on the website and/or pledge on your phone during the event. Got a little change in your pocket? The app allows cash/check transactions to hit the total and email receipts. At the end of the night, all of your donation information can be found in one place. You're welcome.

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