Women's Fund of Hawaii

Tea and Champagne 10th Anniversary

Women’s Fund of Hawaii hosts an annual Tea and Champagne event featuring an enticing game, Dessert Dash, to raise funds for grants to innovative, grassroots programs that empower women and girls. Guests sit in table-teams and compete to win first choice from a delectable spread of over-the-top desserts donated by local confectionary artists.For the 10th anniversary of their popular event, Women’s Fund Hawaii used Swell’s software to increase competition among table-teams and provide fundraising opportunities before and after the event.

We wanted to do something more than the traditional luncheon. Swell Fundraising enabled the event to be fun and engaging. People were excited to bring social media into the equation.

Leela Goldstein

Executive Director

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How did this event benefit from Swell?

Increased Sponsors

Every time the event was shared on social media, the presenting sponsor’s name was visible in the link, offering exponential sponsor visibility. “I know our presenting sponsor was SUPER happy. No question in my mind they’ll sponsor again,” said Executive Director Leela Goldstein.

Increased Revenue

Due to a generous matching gift and Swell’s software, WF Hawaii netted about $150,000 — a huge leap from the previous year’s net of about $60,000.

Expand the Reach

Leela found the ability to fundraise online before and after the event from supporters who couldn’t attend to be highly profitable. She said, “For me a huge stand out aspect of the experience was collecting nearly $4K before the event, and most of it from people who weren’t there.

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